Fostex FE208EΣ rear loaded horns


Bluebell Audio "Loftin White" 2A3 SET valve amp
TubeCAD Headphone amplifier
Fostex T90A supertweeters
Bluebell Audio "WE91" 300B SE valve amp monoblocks

Garrard 401

Goldring Lenco GL75
Unipivot tonearm - the Stick
Passive preamp
C3g driven 2A3 SE valve amp
Gordon Rankin's Bugle - a super 45 SET amp
Aikido Headphone Amp
C3g-Aikido Phono Amp
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Hi Fi Links.

A list of useful links related to Hi Fi. Most of these are based on DIY - you can probably find Linn's web address on your own... I haven't used them all, but offer them as a resource.


Audio Talk A haven for breadboarders.

World Designs Forum for the supplier of excellent valve kits. Rose from the ashes of the now defunct World Audio Design.

DIY Audio Large DIY forum

Audio Asylum No listing would be complete with the Asylum

Valve Suppliers

Not sure I should tell you where I get valves from!

Hi Fi Components Suppliers

Bluebell Audio Give Philip a call and be inspired.

Hi Fi Collective An alternative supplier in the UK. Also do their own range of valve amp kits.

Parts Connexion Canada-based parts seller.

DIY Hi Fi Supply

Michael Percy


AE Europe I like their transformers. I like them a lot. I don't like the wait though. Good value.

Tribute Very good transformers also.

Sowter British transformer manufacturer

Lundahl Swedish transformer manufacturer

Majestic Transformer Co. Another British manufacturer

Canterbury Windings Toroids

Aquablue Benny's DIY Paradiso, based in Belgium

Ask Jan First German supplier of reputedly excellent value transformers

General Electronics Suppliers

Rapid Electronics Good prices, reasonable range. I use them a lot; cheaper than Farnell and RS if they have what you need.



Cricklewood Electronics






























Other Links

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