Fostex FE208EΣ rear loaded horns


Bluebell Audio "Loftin White" 2A3 SET valve amp
TubeCAD Headphone amplifier
Fostex T90A supertweeters
Bluebell Audio "WE91" 300B SE valve amp monoblocks

Garrard 401

Goldring Lenco GL75
Unipivot tonearm - the Stick
Passive preamp
C3g driven 2A3 SE valve amp
Gordon Rankin's Bugle - a super 45 SET amp
Aikido Headphone Amp
C3g-Aikido Phono Amp
Experimenter's Chassis
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Audio Meets

Where we all meet up, have a good old chin-wag, and listen to each others kit. I've tried to create a bit of a record so we can look back and see what we were playing with in the past.

Owston Park Lodge, 19 and 20 September 2009

Eggborough Power Station, 13 June 2009
Simon C's birthday bash, 1 March 2009




























R.E.M. Discography

Experimenter's Chassis